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Table 1 Organizational characteristics and their measurement levels as identified by (Mijnhardt et al. 2014)

From: An analytics approach to adaptive maturity models using organizational characteristics

Organizational characteristic Measurement levels
   Number of FTE employed 0–9 employees, 10–49 employees, 50–250 employees
   Amount of annual revenue 0–2 Million, 2–10 Million, 10–50 Million
   Sector the organization participates in Aerospace and Defense; Agriculture and Foresting; Business Services and Consultancy; Consumer, Media, Leisure, Travel and Entertainment; Finance, Banking and Insurance; Health; IT and Telecom; Industrial Production; Energy, Utilities and Mining; Public, Education and Non-Profit; Transport, Packaging and Logistics
   % of outsourced development 0–25, 25–50, 50–75, 75–100%
   % of outsourced hosting 0–25, 25–50, 50–75, 75–100%
   Level of availability required by critical data Low, medium, high
   Level of confidentiality required by critical data Low, medium, high
   Level of integrity required by critical data Low, medium, high
IT Complexity
   FTE in IT 0–1 FTE, 1–2.5 FTE, 2.5–5 FTE, 5–10 FTE,> 10 FTE
   IT expense as a percentage of revenue <1, 1–2.5, 2.5–5, 5–10, >10%
   Resilience against IT downtime <10 min, 10 min to 1 h, 1–24 h, >24 h