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Table 1 Customer service attributes considered in the survey

From: A Bayesian Network-based customer satisfaction model: a tool for management decisions in railway transport

Attribute no. Level 1 attributes Level 2 attributes
1 Carriages Cleanliness, lack of wear and tear, entertainment, air-conditioning, feeling safe and at ease
2 Station—CBD Cleanliness, ease of Access, lighting, QR staff, greenery
3 Access to CBD station  
4 Platform—suburban Condition of surface, shelter
5 Access to sub. station  
6 Station—suburban  
7 Ticketing  
8 Platform—CBD  
9 Signage and information  
10 Bus connection  
11 Entry onto train  
12 Pre-trip information  
13 Parking  
14 Disembarking and exit  
15 Efficiency of service  
16 Services on time  
17 Reliability  
18 Frequency of service  
19 Safe operation  
20 Helpfulness of staff  
21 Respect for passengers  
22 Affordability