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Table 2 The properties and their class labels

From: Supervised classification with interdependent variables to support targeted energy efficiency measures in the residential sector

Household property Classes and their labels
Number of appliances and entertainment devices (N_devices) Low (<8)
Medium (8–11)
High (>11)
Number of bedrooms (N_bedrooms) Very low (1–2)
Low (3)
High (4)
Very high (>4)
Type of cooking facility (cooking) Electrical
Not electrical
Employment of chief income earner (employment) Employed
Not employed
Family (family) Family
No family
Floor area (floor_area) Small (<100 m2)
Medium (100–200 m2)
Big (>200 m2)
Children (children) Children
No children
Age of building (age_house) Old (>30 years)
New (<30 years)
Number of residents (N_residents) Few (<3)
Many (> 2)
Single (single) Single
Not single
Retirement status of chief income earner (retirement) Retired
Not retired
Social class of chief income earner according to NRS social grades (social_class) A or B
C1 or C2
D or E