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Table 9 Possible Israeli concessions

From: A structured scientific solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: the analytic hierarchy process approach

Israelis’ concessions Description
1 Abandon the Idea of a Jewish State
2 Accept Palestinian full control of the borders of the Palestinian State and its outlets
3 Accept the historical responsibility for the Palestinian refugee problem
4 Accept the Palestinian refugee rights to return
5 Accept to abide by the status quo in the holy places in Jerusalem
6 Accept to abolish the law of return
7 Accept to respect the integrity of the West Bank and Gaza by allowing free and safe passage between the two areas
8 Accept East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State
9 Accept Two-State solution on the borders of the 4th of June 1967
10 Allow all parties to have equal access to and control of religious sites and holy places
11 Allow the sharing of all natural resources between Palestinians and Israelis
12 Comply with all applicable UN Resolutions
13 Evacuate settlers of Jewish settlements on land claimed by the Palestinians with or without compensation
14 Release all political prisoners including those who are Israeli citizens
15 Share Jerusalem as two capitals of two states
16 Solve the Palestinian refugee problem in a just and agreed upon manner
17 Stop incitement by the religious and national education and religious leaders in Israel against Muslims and Arabs