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Table 12 Israeli and Palestinian benefits and perceived costs

From: A structured scientific solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: the analytic hierarchy process approach

Israeli benefits from Palestinian concessions
 Integrity and unity of Israeli society post agreement 0.0753
 Security 0.1636
 Strengthening the alliance with the United States 0.0477
 Make Israel more attractive to Jewish diaspora and Israelis citizens 0.0397
 End of claims 0.2216
 Legitimization of the State of Israel 0.0654
 Stop being occupiers 0.0529
 Peace, prosperity and stability in region 0.0959
 Maintain the Jewish majority of Israel alongside with the Arab minority 0.1899
 Weakening the radical forces in the Middle East headed by Iran 0.0479
Israeli perception of Palestinian costs from Palestinian concessions
 Giving up on the Idea of a Greater Palestine 0.088
 Remainder of part of the Settlement Community 0.0964
 Loss of ‘victim’ status 0.0288
 Loss of land (67 Border)/swap 0.15
 Loss of International financial support 0.0252
 Partial control of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine 0.1735
 Partial solution refuge problem 0.3101
 Partial control of the Muslim holy places 0.128
Palestinian benefits from Israeli concessions
 Permanent borders 0.2095
 Sovereign Palestinian State 0.2054
 Share of water and other resources 0.0181
 Resolution of the refugee problem 0.0654
 Shared control of Jerusalem and holy places 0.0613
 International guarantees and assurances to protect Palestine State security and integrity 0.0403
 Evacuation of the Israeli settlements 0.0415
 Having full control over air space, maritime, borders and outlets 0.1086
 Release of political prisoners including those who are Israeli citizens 0.0186
 Respect the integrity of West Bank and Gaza 0.0571
 Stop incitement and raging hatred 0.0087
 East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine 0.1654
Palestinian perception of Israeli costs from Israeli concessions
 Changing of Zionist narrative 0.4541
 Property restitution and compensation 0.0689
 Settlements evacuation 0.2723
 Rehabilitating evacuated settlers from the Palestinian territories 0.2047