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Table 11 Israeli and Palestinian costs and perceived benefits

From: A structured scientific solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: the analytic hierarchy process approach

Israeli costs from its concessions
 Integrity and unity of Israeli society post-agreement 0.0659
 Security 0.1831
 Strengthening the alliance with the United States 0.0457
 Make Israel more attractive to Jewish diaspora and Israelis citizens 0.0322
 End of claims and end of conflict 0.2093
 Legitimization of the State of Israel 0.0778
 Stop being occupiers 0.0477
 Peace, economy and stability in region 0.086
 Maintain the Jewish majority of Israel alongside with the Arab minority 0.2249
 Weakening the radical forces in the Middle East headed by Iran 0.0274
Israeli perception of Palestinian benefits from Israeli concessions
 Freedom, dignity and feeling of equality 0.1449
 Independent state 0.2145
 Evacuation of the settlers in the settlements 0.0661
 International recognition and permanent borders 0.0368
 Maximization of the area (land) 0.0816
 Economic stability and prosperity 0.0219
 East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine 0.1361
 Solve the Refugee problem 0.2128
 Control of the Muslim holy places 0.0853
Palestinian costs from its concessions
 Conflict between Palestinian diaspora and the internal leadership 0.0948
 Giving up the claim over historic Palestine occupied in 1948 and known later as the State of Israel 0.2055
 Partial loss/depletion of natural resources by sharing them with Israel 0.1257
 Loss of military capability to defend the State of Palestine 0.0575
 Territorial loss as a result of unfair land swap 0.2173
 Accommodation and rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees not allowed to return to Israel 0.1192
 Restrictions on national sovereignty by accepting demilitarization and multinational monitoring 0.1013
 Loss of property rights 0.0395
 Dislocation and fragmentation of Palestinian social fabric 0.0392
Palestinian perception of Israeli benefits from Palestinian concessions
 Gaining legitimacy of the Palestinian and Arab and Muslim world 0.1111
 Integration in the Middle East with normal relations with its neighbors and Arab World 0.0658
 End of claims by the Palestinians 0.2556
 Obtaining security by acceptance and recognition of the Palestinian and Arab and Muslim world 0.108
 Sharing the Palestinians with their own natural resources 0.0215
 Obtaining territorial gains 0.1184
 Economic relations and new markets including tourism with neighboring Arab and Islamic countries 0.0999
 Reduction of military expenditures enabling national development 0.0239
 Regional cooperation against external threats 0.0333
 Acknowledgement of Israeli control over the Wailing Wall and the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem 0.1626