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Table 10 Possible Palestinian concessions

From: A structured scientific solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict: the analytic hierarchy process approach

Palestinians’ concessions Description
1 Accept mutually agreed upon land swap
2 Accept settlers under Palestinian sovereignty as residents
3 Accept the temporary presence of a multinational military monitoring system in Jordan Valley
4 Accept a Two-State solution
5 Accept a Two-State solution which includes a non-contiguous state
6 Acknowledge Israel’s existence as a Jewish State
7 Acknowledge Israel’s existence as an independent state
8 Agree to compromise to the demand of the right of return
9 Agreeing with Palestinian demilitarized state
10 Preserve the status quo in the Holy places of Jerusalem
11 Allow Israel to use Palestinian airspace
12 Declare against Iranian nuclear development
13 Denounce and reign in violence
14 Denounce Iranian pursuit of nuclear arms and support Israelis effort to remove the threat
15 Lobby Arab states to allow both Israelis and Palestinians to have the right to return to their land of origin
16 Make compromises on the status of Jerusalem
17 Palestinians must guarantee that any agreement reached with Israel will be accepted and supported by the majority of the Palestinian people, both in Gaza and the West Bank
18 Refrain and work against any anti-Israel sentiments in Palestinian schools
19 Seek assistance for a legitimate settlement of refugees
20 Sharing of natural resources
21 Work cooperatively and in active engagement w/Israel