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Table 1 Results of reliability analysis for components of the initial conceptual framework (eight independent and one dependent variables) based on the Cronbach’s (α)

From: Process modeling and decision mining in a collaborative distance learning environment

Components Cronbach’s alpha No. of items
Facilitating conditions (independent variable) 0.953 5
 Level of interaction (independent variable) 0.883 3
 Degree of difficulty (independent variable) 0.812 4
 Group size (independent variable) 0.831 3
Level of involvement (independent variable) 0.905 4
 Prior experience (independent variable) 0.736 4
 Gender (independent variable) 0.814 4
 Level of communication (independent variable) 0.790 6
 Performance of group (dependent variable) 0.811 2
 Total (all independent and dependent variables) 0.783 35