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Table 1 Dataset – attributes

From: Towards decision analytics in product portfolio management

Attribute Data type Description Type (PK/FK/M)
FA076_LS_DATUM Datetime (yyyy-mm-dd) Date of actual transaction PK
FA076_BS_NR Integer Transaction number PK
FA076_ADR_NR Integer Customer number FK
FA076_ART_NR Integer Article number PK/FK
FA076_WG Integer Article product group number FK
FA076_OWG Integer Article main product group number FK
FA076_KG_MENGE Decimal Sales volume in KG M
FA076_BS_MENGE INT Ordered items M
FA076_PE_MENGE INT Sales volume in items M
FA076_LI_MENGE INT Delivered items M
FA076_UPD_DATUM Datetime (yyyy-mm-dd) The actual date when a record has been updated by the system M
FA076_REC_NR INT Auto-increment number per record per order PK