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Table 6 Third iteration model formulas

From: A goal-oriented, business intelligence-supported decision-making methodology

Formula Target KPI Source KPIs
2 × MC/10 Store traffic MC: Marketing cost
floor(MC/3.67) Number of consigners MC: Marketing cost
floor(1.76 × NC) Number of drop-offs NC: Number of consigners
365 × 8 × NSPD Staff total work hours NSPD: Number of staff per day
STWH/TNS Work hour per staff STWH: Staff total work hour
TNS: Total number of staff
STWH × 8 + STWH × 4 Staffing cost STWH: Staff total work hour
$8 per hour + $4 overhead
STWH × 1.5 Number of products available for customers STWH: Staff total work hour
StaffC + MarketingC + StoreC + R × 0.6 + OBI Costs StaffC: Staffing cost
MarketingC: Marketing cost
StoreC: Store cost
OBI: Online business investment
R: Revenue
R-C Profit R: Revenue
C: Cost
(R × 100)/MV Market share MV: Market value