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Table 3 Sleep statistics in report for physician

From: Sleep disorder diagnosis: the design and implications of online tools

Name Description
Mean sleep duration. Average time spent asleep.
Range of sleep duration. The minimum and maximum time spent asleep over the sleep diary time period.
Number of nights with fewer than seven hours sleep. A count of the number of nights where fewer than seven hours of sleep were achieved.
Mean for sleep onset. Average length of time taken between settling in bed ready for sleep; for example, light off, television off, and time that sleep was achieved.
Range of sleep onset. The minimum and maximum times spent getting to sleep over the sleep diary period.
Mean wake up time. Average time that the person wakes for the last time.
Mean sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency is the proportion of time spent asleep in the time available for sleep; for example, of the nine hours spent in bed, eight hours were spent asleep. The sleep efficiency is 8/9 = 0.89.